NFTBOOK — The way for the future is learning.

Reading books are the best way to learn.
Books are the universal key that opens the door to the castle of the human mind and soul, a transcendent teacher who lights up in us an inexhaustible source of knowledge, teaching us to live and to sacrifice.
Books are important knowledge treasures for everyone because books record the knowledge and values ​​of life that the predecessors have sought, studied, experienced and passed on to the next generation.
Books with good content will bring us not only new insights but also inquiring thoughts and transformation of the soul. It can be said that a book is a soulmate to share all the joys and sorrows of each person.
All human success is due to the combination of personal experience with knowledge gained from learning in life and in books. Therefore, books have long become a necessity of mankind in the world.

Make it easier for those who are curious to read books

This project was born to make a profit, but it is the profit of the author, readers and investors. Enable authors to sell as many books as they currently are and still have passive income over time. As long as there are people reading the book, the author still makes a profit.

Helping readers to read a book worth up to 1/100 to 1/1000 cheaper without having to spend time searching for pirated books. Helping investors both gain profits and contribute to society.

In the current situation

The current book publishing industry is similar to other publishing industries. For example, a $20 movie production industry can watch hundreds of movies, but how many books can $20 buy? Most profits can be lost because of pirated books. So is the problem of pirated books due to the mindset of consumers or the traditional model itself?

We are here to solve these problems.

This project was born to solve such problems, whether or not it is partly due to project developers like us, partly because of the effort to develop in the community — in the authors who love it — their books, in readers who want more good books to read, in investors who want to invest in a humanistic project but the value received is long-term and permanent.

What we will do for the future?

When the author is the publisher?

That’s right, each author becomes his own publisher. This has made books can reduce a lot of costs when reaching users. Publication is completely free to the author, but of course the books published will be selected by the community. Since the project is built on crypto, it will be decentralized. No individual can influence negatively the publication of a book. The author becomes our first audience.

How can users buy a book at super cheap value? Ready to skip the time searching for pirated books?

Our second object appears in this section. It is a type one investor — Book lessor, who will buy back the book at the same price as the author, but will make a profit by leasing back the purchased titles. Of course, in order to curb destabilizing inflation, a purchased book can only be rented to one reader at a time. The more people read, the cheaper the book will be. because the lessors don’t want their books to be empty all the time. so they will compete with each other on the cost of books after capital recovery. Of course the author will also benefit from the value of the books that are rented. This has a positive impact and becomes a win-win model between book renters and authors. If one cent for a rental or 0.1 cent for a rental, would the reader need to spend hours searching for pirated books? We ourselves, after reading this far, have deduced how our 3rd object — the reader, has benefited from the project, right?

Are there other types of investors?

There is only one more form of investment, and that is token holders. They will benefit from transaction fees, every time a transaction on the system arises. For example, when a book lessor buys a book from an author, a reader rents a book from a lessor, transferring tokens from one account to another. for all transactions, the system will send a part of the transaction fee to the token holders on the system.

A special audience can be one of the three above but could be just someone who just buys tokens, who have a special dedication to helping increase market value by reducing the market’s token supply.

Does language inadequacy make it difficult to expand the readership?

Translators will play an important role here. Our 5th audience is translators who come from the community who will assist the author in translating the book’s language into many different languages. but the quality of the translator will be voted by the community like the author’s book. Translators will receive a commission from 1%-20% of the book value depending on the author’s choice. If they want to enjoy a lot of value, they must be dedicated and gain market recognition. Because only when the readers have a lot to choose from their books will they enjoy a lot of profit. They get no value when selling to renters.

The way for the future is learning.